World War 3
in the Middle East

World War 3 will be fought in the Middle East in the very near future.
Thermonuclear weapons will be used... tens (if not hundreds) of millions will perish.

All part of a plan to establish a New World Order on Earth, this war will be the premiere catastrophic level event that will catalyze the consolidation of political, economic, social and spiritual power to form a centralized world government for human civilization for the planet's priviledged elite. World War 3 will usher in the pinnacle of Man's evolution and the perfection of his fallen state unto God.

It's in the volatile Middle East where the 3rd World War will be executed, with particular emphasis over the contentious Temple Mount in Jerusalem- the epicenter of the world's 3 great monotheistic faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The scenario will involve a Muslim/Russian invasion of Israel from the north and the use of jewish FIRST STRIKE nuclear weapons. It will be a fiery holocaust the likes of which this world has never seen, so great will be the devastation, death and destruction.

The event will transpire when the world undergoes a global economic collapse bringing about the fall of America and the US dollar. This will leave Israel defenseless and vulnerable for lack of political, financial and military support (Israel recieves $3-4 billion a year in financial aid from the USA), as well as open the floodgates for a consolidated, coordinated attack from her surrounding Islamic neighbors for whom she has been at war with since 1948. Many of these muslim nations have 'binding' pacts with Russia who will, in turn, back up the invasion- like hooks in the jaw of the bear.

World War 3 is NOT the biblical Armageddon of Revelations, but rather a prelude to it. Consider it a "false" Armageddon, bringing about a "false" christ (the anti-christ) to rule and reign on Earth. The rising BEAST government in Europe, a 7 year peace covenant, the 666-Mark of the Beast will all follow on the heels of World War 3, such a watershed event it will be....

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